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ELCTRK TEA is an online tearoom founded out of Toronto, Ontario. Our teas offer a fresh, bold, and savery "twist" on Indian teas but still incorporates all of the bountiful nutrients and health benefits of the traditional Indian blends. Every leaf is hand-picked directly from India's historic and lush plantations, Assam to Kereala. 

Our mission is to take traditional Indian practices and fuse them into exotic premium teas for every day use. Each blend has a rich assortment of Indian herbs and spices to fuel the body, and balance the mind for every mood.

From the spicy flavours and aromas to our sustainable packaging we pride ourselves on taking risks and being different from the norm. Here at Elctrk Tea we are constantly thinking and creating outside the box to establish an experience unique to our brand.



I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, brought up in a family with both parents being Indian immigrants. I majored in marketing and then went on to co-owning my own digital marketing agency which I eventually found myself not in love with anymore. I always knew that I wanted to create a business of my own one day, but I never knew what. Would it be a product? Or a service?

My unknown obsession with tea started when realizing how beneficial ginger is for the body. From nausea, weight loss, inflammation, digestion I was an addict slicing it up raw and adding it to hot water everyday.

In my late twenties I said screw it, I needed inspiration, I needed an adventure, I wanted to explore and learn about my roots. So I left it all behind and went on a spontaneous 3 month trip backpacking South East Asia, with India my motherland being the first stop. I ended up spending about a month travelling all over India starting with the Taj Mahal. Then cruised down the Varanassi river, swam in the beaches of Goa, and visited the beautiful tea plantations of Kerala. Tea was everywhere. Every shop, every train, even sitting in the auto rickshaw someone was always there sticking their head in trying to sell you “Chai”.

This trip inspired me. It brought something out of me that i've never felt before. I felt so honoured to be Indian and with that I wanted to bring appreciation to Indian flavours and aromas through tea. I then realized the crazy amount of health benefits as well as the distinctive tastes of India’s abundant tea leaves, herbs and spices have to offer. This was the beginning of Elctrk Tea.

My goal is to create thoughtful, delicious and healthy exotic teas for every mood and everyone.